Beans "arrumadinho"Beaches may be important for your vacation, but the food is equally important. Brazilian Cuisine is sure to please. Rice, pork, seafood, and beans are a staple in almost every Brazilian dish. There is also a very heavy Italian persuasion on many dishes due to the high number of Italian immigrants in Brazil.

Many of their dishes include corn, pork, beans, and chicken. Rice and pasta are a staple in any meal. In Rio de Janeiro enjoy the specially prepared black beans or carioquinha, a specialty brown bean from São Paulo.

Virado a paulista is a specialty dish of São Paulo which is made of rice, tutu de feijao, sautéed greens and pork chops. It is generally served with some sausage and a fried banana as well. Afterwards enjoy your coffee with a nice cheese bun.

Feijoada is a pork dish that originated from the slaves during the colonial times in Brazil. Originally it was made from discarded pork meats such as tails, ears, and feet simmered with black beans. Today it has been updated using pork sausage, bacon and tenderloins. 

Acaraje is one of the most popular street foods of Brazil. They are food in large quantities in the beach areas. They are black-eyed peas, shrimp, and onions, which are formed into a ball and then deep fried in palm oil. They are served split and topped with a spicy shrimp and onion filling.

Moqueca is a very popular fish stew. It is marinated white fish in lime juice and then combined with sautéed onion and garlic and tomatoes with a little water. It is finished with coconut milk, pepper sauce, and parsley. It is generally served with white rice. This dish is a great example of the combination of Brazilian food and Italian food.

There is a very heavy Italian influence in the cooking of Brazil which is why Pizza is a very p opular dish as well. Many different types of pasta and lasagna are very popular as well in Brazil. Even the traditional Brazilian dishes are heavy in olive oil, garlic, onions, and sometimes even tomatoes.

Dessert is an important part of Brazilian cuisine as well. Quindin is probably the most popular of all the desserts. It is a Brazilian coconut flan made with lots of egg yolks, sugar, butter, and coconut. They are cooked in a water bath which causes the coconut to rise to the top and form a delicious, sweet, chewy crust for the flan.

Another delicious dessert you shouldn’t miss is the passion fruit mousse desserts. They are extremely popular among Brazilians. One of the best is the passion fruit mousse cake. It is vanilla cake filled with passion fruit syrup and passion fruit mousse and light sweet whip cream.

Afterwards, enjoy a nice drink on the beach. Cachaca is specialty liquor from Brazil famous th roughout the world and known for making Cipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. Capirinha is made from Cachaca, granulated sugar, and lime. First muddle the sugar and lime. Then add ice and fill with Cachaca and enjoy.

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