Things to know about vacationing in Brazil

Things to know about vacationing in Brazil - Rio de JaneiroBrazil is the fifth largest country in the world. And home to some of the greatest beaches in the world. It is the future home of the 2014 World Cup and Olympic Games 2016 and known for its fabulous Carnival celebrations. If you are planning a trip to Brazil in the near future here are some tips for you.


The main language is Portuguese but in many of the tourist areas they will also speak English and Spanish. The Portuguese they speak in Brazil is however different from traditional Portuguese spoken in Portugal. It is a separate dialect.


It was colonized by the Portuguese during the Colonization Period and did not receive its independence until the 1800’s. Much of the Portuguese culture can still be seen today. Many other European countries tried to colonize the area but thanks to a treaty in 1700’s, Portugal was given all of Brazil. Brazil received its independence from Portugal in 1822. 


Brazil is actually the 6th largest economy in the world with its many natural resources including oil and natural gas. It is also a major tourism area. It is expected to be the 5th largest economy in the world by the end of 2012. They are the third largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world.


Brazil is a very heavy Catholic nation. In fact almost 75% of the country is Catholic. Today many areas of Brazil are considered holy centers of the catholic religion including San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.


Any US citizen looking to visit Brazil can enter for at least six months with their valid US passport, drivers license and Brazil visa. Those looking for longer stays are advised to contact the consulate for additional visas. There are some medical requirements only if you have travelled to specific countries within the last 90 days.


The rainy months are March and April but the temperature is pretty consistent all year. And the beach is always open. The majority of the country enjoys a tropical climate. There is no technical dry season but the rain fall is at its highest during the months of March and April.


The country is made up vast hills and mountains to the west and flatlands in the north. The south is more diverse with a jagged coastline. They are well known for having some of the best beaches in the world. More inland the land is filled with mountains and jungles and some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls in the world.


They have many of the top ten beaches in the world in Brazil. The Guardian named Porto da Barra in Salavador the 3rd best beach in the world in 2007. The beaches comprise the majority of the tourist attraction in Brazil.

In the movies

Brazil is also a popular location for filming movies as well. Over 40 popular films have been filmed there. The movies Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, The Expendables, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the Incredible Hulk were just a few. There was also the recent animated film Rio that was based in Brazil.

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