• World Cup 2014 Final: Argentina make first final in 20 years

    World Cup 2014 Final: Argentina make first final in 20 years

    Argentina will play Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup final after the South American side defeated Netherlands in a tight, tense affair.  The match was all even at the end of 90 minutes and extra time too, with the dreaded penalty shoot-out being employed to decide a victor.

    Over 20 years of waiting

    Victory placed Argentina into the final of a World Cup final for the first time since 1990. The final will also provide Argentina an opportunity to win a senior level trophy, which they intern have not achieved since 1993. This special feat of making the World Cup final is the first time Argentina have done so without playing at home or having the great Diego Maradona in their squad. (more…)

  • Germany advance at the peril of Brazil

    Brazil vs. Germany: 2014 World Cup SemifinalGermany advanced into the 2014 FIFA World Cup final after dismantling the host nation Brazil, in a record breaking 7-1 victory on Tuesday at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

    Germany, appearing in a record fourth straight world cup semi-final, netted five goals in the opening 29 minutes. The whirlwind of goals silenced the overwhelmingly pro-Brazil crowd. After a brief and somewhat futile resurgence by Brazil early in the second half, Germany went on to net two more goals before Brazil scored a late consolation goal. The goal was described by one commentator as “the most useless goal in World Cup history.” (more…)

  • Round of 16: Argentina vs Switzerland

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup is still waiting for a team to put its hand up and play attractive, decisive and convincing football on a consistent basis. Many teams have had a flash in the pan but nothing consistent. Great players stand up to be counted when times are tough or when the odds are against them. Lionel Messi is one such great player, the most accomplished, successful and revered player of his generation. In a tight game against the Swiss, Messi provided yet another clutch moment as he conjured up a little magic when it mattered most. (more…)