Sugarloaf Mountain at a GlanceSugarloaf Mountain is one of the world’s famous natural comeliness peaks and is situated in Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. This mountain stands 396 meters high from the harbor.

The Sugarloaf is linked with the historic Guanbara Bay. It is also known as Pao de Acucar in Portuguese. Granite and quartz are the two major structural elements of this mountain. 

Sugarloaf Mountain at a Glance

Height (feet): 1296
Height (meters): 395
Degrees of latitude: -22.95
Degrees of longitude:-43.15
Disadvantages: Scramble
Best month for climb: always
Nearest airport: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Suitable center: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cable car drive

Sugarloaf Mountain at a GlanceTourists can go to the summit of Sugarloaf with the help of a cable car since 1912. Two cable cars are used to reach the top of the mountain. The first cable car starts from Praca General Tiburcio at Praha Vermelha and takes you 220 m high to Morro Urca. From here you will enjoy a beautiful view of this Mountain. The second one that means the upper cable car takes you from the Morro de Urca to Sugarloaf. After reaching the summit position enjoy the unique Panaroma view.

Rock climbing

Sugarloaf Mountain is famous for urban rock climbing. It has almost 270 different routes to pick the area. Day by day climbing has become a very popular sport. Anyone can climb up the mountain. But strength, technique and courage are the normal requirements to the people who wish to reach the summit. Moreover I can assure you that Rio is surely one of the best places in this title.

List of some hotels nearest to Sugarloaf

  • Windsor Leme Hotel
  • Merlin Copacabana Hotel
  • Best Western Augusto’s Rio, Copa Hotel
  • Golden Tulip Continental
  • Acapulco Copacabana
  • Windsor Atlantica
  • Bed and Breakfast Botafogo Lilian
  • Bed and Breakfast Praia Leme

All of these hotels which I mentioned are within three kilometers from sugarloaf.

Some interesting facts of Sugarloaf Mountain

  • Sugarloaf Mountain is the famous shooting spot especially for the Hollywood blockbusters. This is a perfect place to catch wonderful scenery for film. Sugarloaf Mountain came to screen first with the film “Now Voyague” by Bett Davis in 1942. Later it came again with the famous actors James bond film Moonraker in 1979. It is also referred in the famous cartoon “The Simpsons.”
  • Visitors can also summit sugarloaf by walking up. But most of the people can’t do it. Because this is one of the most adventurous activities to a man. Anyone who is fit enough to face more than 2 hours of walk.

Finally it can be said that Sugarloaf Mountain is really a popular tourist attraction. Sugarloaf Mountain looks like very beautiful at afternoon period especially the time before sunset. At the top you’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic views of the city.

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