Luis Suarez bites againIn the run in to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was one of the most anticipated players to watch out for but no one would have anticipated him biting another player, again.

Having gone under the knife about a month prior to the kick-off of the tournament many feared that Luis Suarez would not make it in time to represent his nation at the FIFA World Cup in Brasil. Working ‘double and triple,’ as some of his teammates described, along with modern ‘witchcraft’ that is sports science, King Lui as he is known at Liverpool FC made his return in Uruguay’s second group game.

The ‘Perfect’ Stage

The stage was set for Suarez to light up the World Cup and share the headlines with the likes of Messi and Neymar. He did so in spectacular fashion in their must win game against England as he scored a brace against the nation where he currently plays his club football. In His second World Cup appearance, Suarez seemingly unprovoked, bit Giorgio Chiellini of Italy on the Italian’s upper-back, shoulder region. The referee did not see the incident and the raging protests from the Italians were not enough to get Suarez booked. As the protests went on for a little, Suarez lay on the ground holding his mouth as if he was a victim of a flaying arm that Chiellini through his way, as a natural reaction.

FIFA, for once, have not taken their sweet time to start dealing with the matter. It was announced shortly after the game that Suarez would be under disciplinary investigation for allegedly (as clear as it seemed) biting an opponent. Dripping with guilt, the Uruguayan striker immediately new he was in very hot water, with very sombre pitch celebrations after qualifying to the round of 16. If found guilty King Lui could face up to a 24 game suspension or a two year ban.

A history of nibbling

The Liverpool target man has throughout his career managed to grab headlines for all the right and wrong reasons. He has been twice suspended for biting opponents in the past. As recently as April 2013 he was given a 10 match ban for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovi is the arm. Prior to that the former Ajax striker served a seven match ban for biting PSV Eindhoven’s Otman Bakkal on the shoulder in 2010. This most certainly spells the end of his World Cup, if found guilty, and leaves many questions as to how his country, club and pursuers will receive him from this moment moving forward.

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