Samba show, the unique dance in Rio de Janeiro Samba is a unique dance. Brazil is founder to create such kind of dance. Especially it was originating in Bahia, Brazil. It has also spread in Africa. Actually samba was religious tradition in African nations once.

The quality of samba has been changed day by day. Now it’s modern era. The modern samba has been appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays samba brings a whole historical culture of cloths, parties, food and dance. 

Every year on December 2 the Brazilian celebrated this day as the samba national day. Luis Moneiro de Costa was the initiative to establish this day. In fact it was celebrated only in Salvador but later it turned into a national holiday.

Samba show is especially famous in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador and Belo Horizonte. Among them samba in Rio is most popular. Samba is a part of Brazilian culture. Samba show is carrying their national identity.

Samba show has already created a marketplace. Now it is associated with football and carnival. Samba schools are emerging not only in Brazil but also in several countries like France, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, japan Netherlands and USA.

Samba has been included as a cultural heritage of humanity in the category of “oral and intangible expressions” by UNESCO in 2005.

Samba show in Plataforma

Here I will mention how you could enjoy samba show. Many hotels will help to arrange a samba show. Plataforma in Rio de Janeiro is such kind of hotel. Most of the people came here to watch samba show. First of all you could confirm your ticket. They will provide two options for the spectators. One is exotic samba show with dinner and another one is only samba show.

Duration of first option is 5 hours and second one is 3 hours. They will take you a restaurant and served you delicious dinner with grilled meat. You could bring drinks before entering the party. After closing the party authority will help you to take back yourself into your destination. To the second option you can only enjoy samba show not included the dinner. But I think samba show with dinner is best for you.

Watch the samba show

Your visit will be incomplete if you miss samba show. The rehearsal of samba is persists throughout the year ahead of carnival in different professional samba schools. So anytime you could enjoy this show. Finally it is recommended to you that it is best to view this show at the time of Rio carnival.

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