Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de BahiaIf you are to visit South America, come see the most visited nation, Brazil. Brazil is known to be the largest country in South America, and is the world’s 5th largest country both by geographical and population. It is extremely filled with fun and adventure that both culture and its tourist’s places offer. Surely there are so many places to visit and experience in Brazil, one of them is “Salvador da Bahia“.

“Cidade de São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos” in English translates to: “City of the Holy Saviour of the Bay of all Saints.” More to its translation it is also famous to be Brazil’s Capital of Happiness and this is because people here are easy going and you will definitely find frequent outdoor parties including very festive street carnivals. 

Salvador bagged a record being known for its cuisine, music and architecture, not to mention the fact that it’s considered to be the wealthiest in Northeast Brazil. Located on a small, roughly triangular peninsula separating Todos los Santos Bay from the Atlantic Ocean, the bay is considered as the major export port in Brazil.

Looking around Salvador you cannot fail to visit its tourist’s spots. You should definitely experience the long coastline beaches in Salvador, where hotels both big and small are all lined up along the orla (Atlantic Seafront) and the main roads of local cities. You can also find “Pousadas” or bed and breakfast all around the cities of Barra, Pelourinho and Santo Antonio.

Their beaches and sea water are all ideal for swimming, sailing, diving and underwater fishing, you can go to the open sea inlets where you can experience strong waves and enjoy surfing.

To name some of the best beaches in Salvador, one is the Porto da Barra Beach which was dubbed as the 3rd best in the world by the British newspaper “The Guardian” last 2007. If you are up to island hopping, you can go check out the large island of Itaparica in the Bay of All Saints. You can go by a car-ferry or smaller foot-passenger ferry.

On the other hand, Salvador’s greeneries will surely take your breath away and give you the relaxation you have been looking for. Some of the best parks around the City are Jardin dos Namorados Park, Costa Azul Park, Park of the City and Park of Pituacu.

Park of the City being one of the four major parks in Salvador is considered as an important preservation area of the Atlantic forest. Completely renovated last 2001, it became a modern social, cultural and leisure park. The whole park is surrounded by a 720 sq.meter of green areas where you can find the Praca das Flores (Flower Square) having more than 5,000 ornamental plants and flowers.

There are more to see and experience in the wonderful place of Salvador da Bahia, words are not enough to describe its true and genuine beauty as it is better if it unfolds in front your eyes. Truly a place to see!

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