Hand planted Rainforest Tijuca National Park, Rio de JaneiroTijuca rainforest also known as Tijuca National Park spotted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the 2nd highest peak in Rio de Janeiro at 3350 feet. It contains the largest urban forest in the world. Now it is part of world heritage site.

History of Tijuca Rainforest

The original Tijuca rainforest had been deforested in order to cultivate coffee. After all it was replanted by Major Manuel Gomes archer in 19th century to protect Rio’s water supply. It is surrounded by the Corcovado Mountain and Christ the Redemmer. Tijuca forest was declared a National Park and a Brazil Federal Conservation area in 1961. About two million visitors travel to this forest annually. 

Property of Tijuca Rainforest

Tijuca rainforest is a world class natural forest having at least 100 types of local trees and plants orchids and plenty of wildlife as well as different types of animal species. It also has 30 waterfalls. The park diminishes the medium temperature of the city by more or less than nine degrees.

Explicit guideline to the visitors

Hand planted Rainforest Tijuca National Park, Rio de JaneiroFirst of all to get access Tijucarainforest you must take your identification and card number as well as your name. Gate open at 8.00 am and close at 17.00 pm every day.

There is no restaurant at the top of the forest. So you must take water and some food like sandwiches, biscuits and different types of fruits. It’s better for you to take one time bottle in case of carrying water.

It’s very effective to you to take a rain coat and sunscreen during the tour. Wear comfortable sneaker and cotton socks rather than wool socks.

If you want to go to the summit of the forest then bring a torch light. Don’t forget to take a plastic bag. It is forbidden to all the tourists to make camp inside the National Park.

There is no public transport within the park. So it would be the fastest and probably the best way to visit this park by taking a half day guided tour by jeep. You can also visit by riding bicycle. Always follow the guideline if you don’t want to get lost.

You can walk and climb this forest every day. But it will be difficult for you to climb in summer season because this time temperature exceeds 40 degrees.

Recommended hotels for tourists

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  2. Arpoader Inn Hotel Rio de Janeiro

  3. Savoy Othon Hotel Rio de Janeiro

  4. Copa Sul Hotel Rio de Janeiro

  5. Hotel Ipanema Inn

  6. Rio’s Nice Rio de Janeiro

  7. Lancaster Othon

  8. Rio’s Presidente Hotel

  9. Apa Hotel

  10. Hotel Bandeirantes

Actually Tijuca rainforest is the center point of joy and festivities. If you visit there then you will gather practical knowledge about wildlife. So don’t miss the chance to visit there. Best wishes for your journey.

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