Life in favela Rio de JaneiroFavela is a Portuguese word. It is the term for a slum or shanty town in Brazil. Most of the favelas are located in hill side and urban areas. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are famous for favelas. Almost 950 favelas are located in Rio. These favelas will introduces you to another Rio.

Among these favela Vila Caroas and Rochina are the largest ones in Brazil.

Favela first appeared in the late 19th century. Brazilian soliders built it to live. Favela is also spelled favela. The primitive favela was built on the Morro de Castelo in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. 

Present condition in favela Rio de Janeiro

The growing of favela is increasing day by day than the cities as a whole. The favelas are facing a lot of problems. The police administration has no control in many favelas. But now government takes some proper step to promote urban development for the favelas. They have started computer schools. The governing committee is now busy to ensure security to the visitors as Brazil is host for FIFA world cup 2014 and summer Olympic Games 2016. They have under pressure and more serious upon Rio and Sao Paulo. As I mentioned that most of the favelas are situated in Rio and Sao Paulo area.

Problems in FavelaActually the poorest of the poor people are living in that favela. They always remain in extreme poverty. An important message to you that Brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world. About 8.5 percent of all people are living below average. Governments already eradicate this problem and made them in public housing.


  1. Drugs are another problem. Faveldo that means somebody who lived in favela. And most of the faveldo take drug regularly. These faveldo are involved with different types of illegal activities. Murder has become casual in this area.
  2. Favela is a rush area. So it faces unsanitary condition, poor nutrition and pollution. Moreover diseases are rampant in the poorer favelas and the rate of infant mortality is really high.
  3. It has a limited access of public services like treated water, Sewers, hospitals and schools. They are living under the discarded wood, patchwork of tin and cardboard.
  4. Homicide rate is increasing here day by day.

To serve these huge community lots of small business have been developed. Maximum faveldo are black.

Catholicism was the most prominent religion of favelas area. But being changes of time Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism are appeared. Now Evangelicalism is widely common to favelas. Here has also still non-religious community.

They like music very much. Among them funk, hip hop and samba is popular. Mc Naldo and Buchecha is their popular funk artist and MV Bill is popular hip hop artist.

If you want to make a tour towards favela Rio de Janeiro, Brazil then you will gather new understanding about different aspects of Brazilian society. Here you will find complex architecture, developing commerce and friendly people. Favela is an underdeveloped area nevertheless most samba schools participating in the carnival parade come from such kind of favelas.

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