Dynamic History of Imperial Museum, PetropolisPetropolis is mainly known as the imperial city of Brazil which is located in Rio de Janeiro. This imperial city is mainly popular for the imperial museum and crystal palace. Petropolis is 68 km away from the state capital. It is also the home of national laboratory scientific computing.

History of imperial museum

A dynamic history is involved behind the city. City of peter was the summer residence of the Brazilian emperors in 19th century. It was officially declared as the capital of Rio de Janeiro between 1894 and 1902. 

Pedro I emperor of Brazil declared independent from Portugal on September 7, 1822. After declaration he spent on night on a farm belonging to a priest padre Correia when traveling to minas Gerais. During this period he was pleased with the weather and he instantly decided to make a summer residence. After that his son Pedro II formerly ruler of Brazil built this palace when he was only eighteen years old. It took almost 17 years to complete the palace. Nowadays this summer residence of Emperor Pedro II is known as the imperial museum.

Petropolis is the nearest and most popular destination for native of Rio. Imperial museum in Petropolis is one of the most attractive cultural points of interest. It is the most visited museum in Brazil included 300,000 visitors visited here annually.

Info about imperial museum, Petropolis

  1. Imperial city is 2700 feet above the sea level.
  2. Petropolis means “ City of Pedro”
  3. Pedro I and Pedro II were the only two emperors in the history of Brazil.
  4. The collection of this museum is really remarkable. Here visitors could see the jewelry crowns of imperial, paintings and personal effects. Imperial crown is weighted 1.7 kg over 600 diamonds and 77 pearls. Every visitor must need to wear felt slippers during touring the museum.

There are also many tourists attraction in Petropolis. These are given below:

  • Castle of the Baron of Itaipava
  • Crystal Palace
  • District of Itaipava
  • Fatima’s Throne
  • Monastery of the Virgin
  • Petrópolis City Park
  • Petrópolis Wax Museum
  • House of Ipiranga (“House of the Seven Mistakes”)
  • House of Joaquim Nabuco
  • Rural touristic tours of Taquaril, Brejal and Araras
  • Saint Peter of Alcantara Cathedral (Catedral de Petrópolis) with the Imperial Mausoleum
  • Valparaíso (Gastronomic and Entertainment Center of Petrópolis)

Watch the video about the imperial museum

Distances from Petropolis
Rio de Janeiro: 72 km
Teresópolis: 55 km
Nova Friburgo: 122 km

Popular hotel in Petropolis

  1. Riverside Park Hotel
  2. Hotel Pedra Bonita
  3. Pousada Quitandinha
  4. Pousada Recanto das Araras
  5. Pousada Le Siramat
  6. Hotel Dom Pedro
  7. Casablanca Center Hotel
  8. Hotel Solar do Império
  9. Pousada Monte Castelo
  10. Princesa Isabel Pousada e Hotel

Learn about the brief imperial dynamic history of Brazil. Then take time to explore the Imperial Museum. Enjoy the Imperial tombs at the splendid Gothic cathedral and visit the delightful Crystal Palace. It is also the great exhibition center in Brazil.

© Picture: Flickr – Alexandre Machado

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