How to eat in Rio and Brazilian gastronomy

How to eat in Rio and Brazilian gastronomy - Feijoada ingredientsRio de Janeiro is a city full of good restaurants. The city is not known for its high gastronomy but that is changing with time. Many colleges now have gastronomy courses and a brand new “Le Cordon Bleu” school has been opened in the city. While people that like fancy and very complex food might not be happy with the city restaurants, the “foodies” who are into homemade and typical dishes will be very pleased.

But one question comes to mind, “What is the typical Brazilian food?”. It’s really hard to define what a typical Brazilian dish is. It’s such a large country that the food really varies from region to region. One thing is certain, there is much more than only rice and beans!

Here are some dishes you might want to try.

Carne-de-sol: It’s basically the Brazilian jerky, commonly used in the northeast. It’s a very dry and salty meat, present in many dishes.

Bolo de rolo: Literally means “Rolled cake”. It’s a cake made out of Guava and very thin layers of cake. The guava filling melts in your mouth and makes a perfect balance with the cake layer. 

Moqueca de Badejo - Brazilian foodMoqueca: This is a very simple fish stew, normally very well seasoned with fresh herbs. The fish basically melts, giving this stew a unique and delicious taste.

Acarajé: Acarajé is a delicious fried cake, made with: beans, onions, shrimp, pepper. It’s normally very spiced, not a good dish for those who have a bad time with hot food.

Feijão Tropeiro: Literally meaning “Trooper beans”, it’s a very delicious mix for the red meat lovers. It’s a dish made out of beans, flour, pork, sausage, eggs, garlic, onions and normally seasoned with fresh herbs. It has a really good salty and porky flavor.

Pão de queijo: A small round bread, filled with delicious cheese. Perfect to eat in the morning with a good cup of coffee or in the afternoon.

FeijoadaFeijoada: Probably the most famous Brazilian dish. Made out of beans and pig meat (including ears and other exotic parts). It’s normally served with rice, very thin sliced oranges and farofa( a dish made out of baked flour)

How to find what you want in Rio

Rio is a huge city and it’s not very easy to find exactly what you want when it comes to food. But typical food is basically served everywhere. If you are looking to save some money we advise you to eat at buffets that charge you per gram of food, and the “all you can eat” pizzerias that have crazy amount of different flavors. Ranging from stroganoff to chocolate and strawberries.

If you don’t mind spending some money, you might want to try the “all you can eat” meat buffets, with a huge amount of different meats cooked to perfection. Not to mention they all have a vast array of typical Brazilian side-dishes.

For the most picky and fancy eaters, we advise you to try “Mr Lam”. The famous oriental food restaurant, owned by Eike Batista, the famous Brazilian billionaire.

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