National Park Itatiaia - Véu de noiva waterfallBeautiful, energetic and vibrant environment, long and gorgeous “sun-kissing” shorelines are the identity of Brazil. Brazil is really a country which includes all this plus much more for the tourists from all over the world. The culture of the people regarding Brazil is extremely varied with a lot of influences. As the world’s fifth biggest country, Brazil possesses some of the most well-known attractions for its visitors coming here from all over the world. Let’s have a look on some of the most famous hot spots of Brazil, where anyone wants to visit.

National Park “Itatiaia”

Thought to be the earliest park in the country, it is situated near “Rio” and the waterfall named “Veu de Noiva” is the specialty of this park. A lot of bird lovers wish to begin their journey in Brazil from this park , because it has more than 250 beautiful and rare bird varieties. Visitors in the park can engage in different pursuits like climbing, hiking as well as trekking.

Park of “Lagoa do Taquaral”

Positioned at the Town of Campinas within Sao Paulo, the particular “Lagoa do Taquaral” area is really a gorgeous and also desirable urban lagoon. The area features of this park are a planetarium, a stadium, a museum of science, plus a children’s pool. In addition to these kinds of the park vacationers also can find kart and model airplane racing areas. 

Beach of “Fernando de Noronha”

One of several appealing sites with Pernambuco (Recife), Fernando de Noronha comes with a gorgeous and also beautiful seashore. At the beach, people can enjoy distinct aquatic events just similar to scuba diving, surfing and also fishing. There’s also resorts close by where travelers can easily spend a special trip.

Beaches of Salvador

Salvador is an attractive colonial city, an exciting musical landscape along with loads of extraordinary shorelines around. The beaches range from relaxed inlets, well suited for boating, swimming and cruising, and also open up marine basins with solid dunes, liked by surfers. There are also reef’s surrounded shorelines, developing organic swimming pools regularly associated with stone, and also suitable for kids.

The “opera house” of Manaus (Teatro Amazonas)

Teatro Amazonas or “Movie theater of Amazon” is situated in Manaus, in the middle of the particular Amazon Jungle. It was developed through the prime associated with rubber trade making use of supplies around the globe, along together using home household pieces of fixtures coming via Paris, marbled by Italy, as well as material by Britain. Externally the dome is covered by national flag of Brazil colored by using 36,000 decorated tiles.

Rio Amazona (Amazon River)

It is the 2nd greatest river on earth with the length of approx. 6,400 km’s, only a little shorten as compared to the largest river “Nile”, while the greatest by means of amount. The Amazon has above 3,000 regarded species and is still being identified. The particular Amazon Sink is protected through 50 % of your earth’s remaining rain forests. The tourists in Brazil should take a tour or “River Amazon” on river boats.

Up-coming Sporting Events

In next four years the FIFA World Cup 2014 & Summer Olympics 2016 are going to held in Brazil. The FIFA World Cup 2014 will be organized by twelve cities of Brazil in their respective stadiums. These twelve cities will supervise total of 64 matches FIFA World Cup 2014 during the months of June and July of the year 2014.

Also the Rio in Brazil is declared as the host of Summer Olympics 2016. This event will be held in the month of August of 2016. There are total of 28 different sports or included in this sporting event. In which “Football” is the main sport.

With all these great upcoming events and many attractions, tourists and the sport’s fans should not miss a chance to visit Brazil.

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