The majestically designed and imposing Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha is the poster child of Brazilian architecture and sustainability, with a capacity of 68 009 spectators, it’s the second largest stadium hosting matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Estádio Nacional de Brasília - @Wikipedia

Brasilia is the Federal capital of Brazil thus many office buildings are called National. The stadium was named after famed footballer Mané Garrincha who was nicknamed The Joy of The People, and was a star of the successful 1958 and 1962 Brazilian World Cup winning teams.

History of the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha in Brasília

The original architect of the stadium is Ícaro de Castro Mello but the stadium has been reborn since its inaugural opening in 1974. The original stadium was completely demolished and reconstruction began in 2010 with completion in 2013. The project failed to remain within its budget costs, which saw the cost of construction soar from a projection of US$ 300 million to the region of US$ 900 million. The costly project made it the second most expensive stadium in the world after England’s famous Wembley Stadium.

The cost did however; result in a new facade for the stadium, greater viewing pleasure for fans and increased environmental efficiency. Built on carbon neutrality, recycling and complete access via public transport, it’s no wonder the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha is a jewel of Brasilia. The stadium is located 2 kilometres from the metro central station where buses can be taken to the stadium via the Eixo Monumental route.

World Cup Matches 2014 at the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha in Brasília

With an ability to host a variety of events, singer Beyoncé and Aerosmith have already both previously performed at the stadium. Most importantly during this year’s FIFA World Cup the following games will be hosted at the venue:

• June 15 – Switzerland vs. Ecuador,
• June 19 – Columbia vs. Ivory Coast,
• June 23 – Cameron vs. Brazil,
• June 26 – Portugal vs. Ghana,
• June 30 – Winner Group E vs. Runner-Up Group F
• July 4 – Winner Match 55 vs. Winner Match 56 (Quarter final)

The final match at the Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha is the third place match on the 12th of July.

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