Copacabana Beach Rio de JaneiroCopacabana is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro and also one of the most famous symbols of this city and Brazil. And why is that? It’s nothing new that it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it also is the most famous one.

Copacabana is a traditional neighborhood in the south zone of Rio, right next to Ipanema and Leme.

Copacabana beach has a 4-kilometer shore, where the bright sand is white and soft. It counts with a large extension so everyone can enjoy the light breeze that comes from the sea, or sunbathe with an amazing view of the ocean. One of Copacabana beach’s trademarks is its sidewalk. The pattern in form of waves in Portuguese pavement is recognized all over the world.

If you’re an athletic person, the beach has volleyball and soccer fields so people can practice these sports in this natural environment. The beach holds international soccer and volleyball championships every year.

Another way to exercise and practice sports is possible in Copacabana beach. There are bike paths alongside the beach that are used by cyclists or runners. 

Copacabana BeachThere are many ambulant vendors on the beach (as in all Brazilian beaches). Their products range from water to shrimp on a stick. You need to be careful with these products though, especially when it comes to food and beverages. There is no strong fiscalization regarding these goods which makes their quality not reliable, mainly when it comes to freshness and if the making of these products was under the necessary hygiene.

But still, you’ll get hungry and thirsty, but bringing your own things may not be comfortable, so what would be the safest option? There are many bars on the sidewalk called ‘quiosques’ that are regularly inspected and that offer all sorts of foods, fresh coconuts, water, soda and beer that will make your day at the beach more pleasant and comfortable.

Copacabana Palace is one of the symbols of this neighborhood and it’s also the most famous hotel in Brazil. Built in 1923, inspired by French architecture, it’s located right in front of the beach with a great view and has been awarded many times as the best hotel in South America. It’s worth to mention that most celebrities that come to Rio stay in this glamorous hotel. Some of its notable guests were Princess Diana, King George VI, Brigitte Bardot and Theodore Roosevelt.

In the south end of the beach, you’ll find the Fort Copacabana. This military base was completed in 1914, and it was built as a protection mechanism for the beach and the city of Rio de Janeiro itself. Visiting the Fort is a must, either just its eternal parts or the inside of it. If you just want to stay outside, you’ll count with a view of all Copacabana’s beach. But you can also go inside and visit the military-historical museum.

You can’t go to Rio without going to Copacabana. It’s one of the most characteristic places in the town and in Brazil, and you just can’t miss its beauty.

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