Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain, Rio de JaneiroCorcovado Mountain is located in central Rio de Janeiro. It is also known as “Hunch Back” in Portuguese language. Because of its shape it is also named hunch back. The Statue of Redeemer is situated on top of the Corcovado Mountain.

Height: 710m / 2329 feet
Geology (type): Granite
Translation: Hunchback
Nearest lake: Lagoa Rodrigode Freitas
Nearest beaches: Ipanema and Copacabana

Why tourists like Corcovado?

  1. Corcovado Mountain is one of the most widely recognized landmarks in Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Corcovado has its own dedicated song. The English version of this song titled by “Quiet nights of quiet stars”. It was written by Brazilian famous musicians and composer named Antonio Carlos Jobim. 
  3. Tourists like this Mountain as Christ theRedeemer is located here.
  4. Further Corcovado is a symbol of Brazilian culture.
  5. Rock climbing is another attraction for tourists.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ. It is 98 feet tall and 26 feet in pedestal as well as 635 in weighs. Because of its outstanding structure tourists are attracted highly. About five million visitors visit per year. Tourists can reach the top of this monument by three ways. These are Cogwheel train, Minibus and on foot. By reaching there on foot is so risky without proper guide. Above these three ways train journey is most popular especially at late evening.

History of Christ the Redeemer

  1. Heitar de silva costa was the engineer in charge of this construction.
  2. First idea came to build such kind of statue by Carlos Oswaldo in 1921.
  3. And it was assigned by French sculptor named Paul Landowski.
  4. It has taken almost 9 years to complete. Construction work begins in 1922 and ends in 1931.

Why Christ the Redeemer is so dramatic?

  1. A powerful lighting system is always reflects from Christ the Redeemer at evening and make it more dramatic icon.
  2. Christ the Redeemer is now the part of modern Seven Wonders of the World which was declared on 7th of July of 2007.
  3. This statue has become an important icon of Brazil because it is a symbol of Christianity.
  4. It is recommend you to visit this tourists spot on a clear day. You could enjoy much at this moment. Sometimes cloud becomes a barrier. So you should always need time to visit.

Watch the video with the view from Top of Corcovado Mountain

Where to reside?

There are many luxurious hotels, plenty of hostels and small inns are located in southern part of Rio de Janeiro.

Popular hotel list

  1. Lagoa Guest House
  2. Oztel
  3. Corcovado Guest Hostel
  4. Corcovado Rio Hostel
  5. Bed and Breakfast Vitoria

All these hotels are located near Corcovado Mountain.

Many visitors to Brazil faced a lot of problem lack of proper guidance. If they had the right idea then they do not face these types of problem. I think such kind of great tour gave you a chance to think about religion and its influence on business with Brazilian.

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