Castelão Stadium in FortalezaThe Castelão Stadium, originally named Estádio Governador Plácido Aderaldo Castelo, was opened after four years of construction on the 11th of November 1973, with the inaugural match being played between Ceara and Fortaleza.

The stadium is owed by the Ceara state government and an initiative of then governor Plácido Castelo, after whom the stadium was subsequently named after. The stadium is the home ground of local teams Ceara and Fortaleza. 

History of Castelão Stadium

Castelão has gone through substantial changes through its lifetime. Upon its opening its capacity stood in the region of 70 000 and this rose to approximately 118 000 in 1980 after a second tier was built. As is with all stadia around the world, safety regulations led to a reduction in capacity. The stadiums current capacity is now about 67 000 people.

Upon the announcement that Brazil would be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, major refurbishments were undertaken on the venue. Starting early in 2011, Castelão was fitted with a new roof to shelter fans from the heat, access to the stadium improved, and, the demolition and reconstruction of the bottom tier. Despites numerous concerns over the stadia to be used at the World Cup, Castelão was one of the first to be confirmed as ready for the tournament.

Castelão Stadium was one of the venues used during the 2013 Confederations Cup and sparked a little bit of controversy as the Brazilian spectators decided to ignore FIFA’s shortened version of the Brazilian national anthem and finished it off in acapella.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Games at the Castelão Stadium

This year the host nation will play at the Castelão Stadium again at FIFA 2014 World Cup. The other fixtures that will take place at the venue are listed below:

  • June 14 – Uruguay vs. Costa Rica
  • June 17- Brazil vs. Mexico
  • June 21 – Germany vs Ghana
  • June 24 – Greece vs. Cote D’Ivoire
  • June 29 – Group B Winner vs. Group A Runner Up
  • July 4 – Quarterfinal 2

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