Brazilian cuisineMany people will tell you that you haven’t lived unless you have experienced Brazil’s cuisine. With European and African historical influences, an amazing array of dishes is available to tickle your taste buds. The popularity of dishes varies largely according to which region you are in. Since Brazil is such a huge country we have taken the time to list some of the must-have dishes on offer.

Brazil´s amazing cuisine

The national dish of Brazil is Feijoado which is a thick hearty stew that consists of black beans with diced pieces of pork and beef. Slow cooked for approximately five hours in a clay pot this traditional meal is often enjoyed on Wednesdays and weekends. The national beverage is coffee while cachaça, distilled from sugar cane, is the native liquor and main ingredient in the national cocktail.

When visiting Northern Brazil which includes Rondonia and Amazonas, expect to have some Vatapá and Tacacá. Vatapá is a delicious spicy cream of shrimp and fish cooked in peanut sauce and coconut milk. Tacacá is a popular soup made from Brazilian spices (jambu), a broth made of manioc root and topped off with dried shrimp.

Southern Brazil which hosts Santa Catarina proudly serves out Arroz Carreterio and Barreado to all who pass its way. Arroz Carreterio which literally translates to “Cart Riders” is a meat, rice, tomato’s and spice mix. Barreado, you must be warned is not as aesthetically pleasing but it’s worth the 18 hour wait to cook the dish. A meat stew served with rice, mandioca flour and fried bananas.

When visiting the major cities the diversity often increases due to the larger population figures. São Paolo, the largest city in Brazil is testament to this. A visit to this region would not be complete without dipping your fingers into some Virado a Paulista which consists of sautéed collard greens, rice, bean paste, manioc flour, and pork chops.

Desserts in Brazil

Any meal wouldn’t be complete without desert in any country. Brazil does not disappoint in this area too. Below are some of the best treats to finish off your meal:

  • Cuscuz branco: Tapioca pudding cooked in coconut milk with sugar
  • Bolo de Rolo: Sponge cake rolled into a guava filled log
  • Brigadeiro: The game-changer! A chocolate truffle made with condensed milk (not cream) and covered in chocolate sprinkles.

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