Brasilia – Federal Capital of Brazil

Pontão do Lago Sul, Brasília

Brasilia is actually the capital of Brazil. It is home to the major foreign embassies and headquarters of many of the major businesses in Brazil as well. It was finalized in 1960 as the capital of Brazil. It holds many beautiful architectural wonders to be seen and enjoyed.

History and Legands

The city was originally built in 1891 so that the capital could be moved from Rio de Janiero. This was to encourage migration westward in Brazil. Supposedly, Italian saint Don Bosco dreamed of a futuristic city in 1883 which fit the description of Brasila. He stated “between parallels 15 and 20, around a lake which shall be fored; great civilization will thrive and that will be the promisd land.” He is now remembered throughout the city. 

World Heritage Site

In 1987, Brasilia was awarded the status of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, a part of the UN.

Eixo Monument

The Eixo Monumental is located in downtown Brasilia and is home to the Esplanada dos Ministerios or the Ministries Esplande. It is an open area surrounded by many government buildings and monuments.

National Congress

The National Congress is the building which houses the offices of most of the members of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil. It is two large buildings, one housing the Senate and the other housing the Chamber of Deputies. It is located in the middle of the Eixo monumental.

Palacio da Alvorada

The Palacio da Alvorada is where the President of Brazil lives. It lies on the peninsula of Lake Paranoa. The residence itself is held exclusively for the President and has three floors and includes an auditorium, medical center, and administration area. There are four suites, 2 apartments, and the private rooms of the President as well.

Palacio do Planalto

This is the office building of the president and is located at Praca dos Tres Poderes in Brasilia. Many of the top senior advisors also have offices here as well.

Complexo Cultural da Republica

This is the Cultural Complex of the Republic. It is made up of the National Library of Brasilia and the National Museum of the Republic. It is located in the Eixo Monuental next to the Cathedral of Brasilia.

Pranoa Lake

This is the largest artificial lake in Brazil. Here is where the famous Juscelino Kubtischek or the President JK bridge crosses into Brasilia.

Praca dos Tres Poderes

This is the Square of the Three Powers and is a plaza in Brasilia. It is where the three branches of the government meet in harmony.

Cathedral of Brasilia

This is the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It was built in the shape of a crown with the angels suspended in the center. It is certainly a sight to be seen by all.
Brasilia is one of the most beautiful and modern cities of Brazil. It was built to be a capital city and so it has remained. Make sure to visit this beautiful and majestic city and take in all the culture it has to offer.

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