Bay of the kings Angra dos ReisAngra dos Reis is located in southern part in Rio de Janeiro state of Brazil. It is mainly known as Brazilian municipality having 365 islands. Angra dos Reis is very popular to the tourists because there have plenty of beaches around the area.

Angra dos Reis were discovered on January 6, 1502. Today this municipality has become a main point for the tourism. Because it has almost two hundred beaches filled with natural beauty, legends and social events.

Ilha grade is best among all the islands. It is considered the paradise of adventure. Not only had the title of adventure but also it played an important role in Brazilian historical culture scenario. Once this islands was busiest islands because it was the part of the Fluminense coast. Mainly Angra dos Reis are located between the state of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

Angra dos Reis at a glance

Country: Brazil
Region: southeast
State: Rio de Janeiro
Founded: January 6, 1502
Elevation: 1,378 m (4,521 ft)
Population (2006): 144,137
Density: 180.1/km2 (466/sq mi)

Some information to the visitors

  1. Angra dos Reis is also known as “Bay of the kings”.
  2. Angra dos Reis are a city with hills. It has magnificent crystal clear water, dozens of beaches. That’s why visitors exactly come here.
  3. Angra dos Reis are a great source for sports adventures. Here you will find large area for playing volleyball and soccer. I am sure that you will find people almost anytime of the day.
  4. There are plenty of small firms to offer people boats for rent. But must clear your contract and make sure that will they provide you look location and assistance in an emergency. It is highly recommended you never drive alone. Always keep company with you.
  5. Well recommendation for you. The currency of Brazil is Brazilian real (BRL). They always prefer to accept credit cards. Usually they are not accepted travelers check. So you must be aware about this to avoid such kind of problem. If you pay with cash then they will provide you discount.

Watch a video about Angra dos Reis

The economic condition of Angra dos Reis is really well. Their activities are commerce, fishing, industry, serves and tourism. They have earned much in tourism sector. It has also oil terminal and shipbuilders facilities. Moreover Brazil’s only one nuclear power station is located near Angra dos Reis.

Take time to explore the natural beauty of this magnificent island. Here you will come close to tropical forest, native flora and fauna. Truly I can say that it’s the only place where you can imagine what Brazil looked like when it was first inhabited.

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