Apple prepared to open New iPad Factory in Brazil

Apple prepared to open New iPad Factory in BrazilAccording to reports, Apple has opened an iPad factory in Brazil. There has been a ton of rumors and news on iPad 3 production; and the addition of TSMC, and the dispute for Foxconn to reign supreme as Apple’s lone supplier.

This report focuses more on Apple’s reach with their tablet and how they will be able to fully supply the growing demand for their product in Brazil. Aloizio Mercadante who is Brazil’s Minister of Science and technology went on to confirm that the plant is set to start production on the iPad, and officially shipping in the country sometime in December of 2011.

The new factory will likely start producing the Apple iPad 2 initially for December, but as a manufacturer they will likely be able to supply native consumers with the iPad 3 at some chose upon date in the future as well. 

This iPad assembly plant in Brazil will provide 100,000 direct and indirect jobs – and making Brazil the first country other than China to begin producing the tablet.

Some say the price could fall by up to forty percent, which would be welcome as the cheapest iPad 2 on Apple’s Brazil-facing online store was retailing at US$932 with the same model in the U.S. store costing just US$499 – almost half the price. At US$829, the highest-spec iPad 2 is still cheaper in the U.S. than the lowest-spec model bought from Apple in Brazil.

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    Mack Oldroyd Reply

    Some say the price could fall by up to 40%, i want to fall by up to 50%. In this case, there will be more original and more people can afford a ipad,good!

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