“A Beautiful Horizone in Brazil” – Belo Horizonte

Serra do Curral - Belo HorizonteBelo Horizonte is the capital of the state Minas Gerais in Brazil. “Beautiful Horizon” is the meaning of “Belo Horizonte”. This city is usually known as “BH” or “Beagá”. Belo Horizonte was created to replace the old capital (Ouro Preto). Belo Horizonte is one among those cities in Brazil, which were planned before their constructions. Infact it’s a city that was planned. In addition because of its neoclassic and modern day’s new features, Belo Horizonte could be known for its urban planning and for its buildings in Brazil.

Visitors or tourists shouldn’t forget to visit the “Pampulha Center”. This is the site from the very initial revolutionary works associated with Oscar Niemeyer & Cândido Portinari, the well known architects of Brazil, also by the world famous landscaper Burle Marx and sculptor maker Ceschiatti. The chapel of São Francisco de Assis is also a nice place to visit. “The Yatch Club”, “the Art gallery of Belo Horizonte (Arts Museum)”, the memorial of Iemanjá, the Academy of Dance, Juscelino Kubitschek’s house, Zoo-Botanical Foundation, as well as the Mineirão and also Mineirinho stadiums, are the historical heritages of “Belo Horizonte”. 

Liberty Palace is one more important and beautiful architectural piece of Belo Horizonte. It is constructed in the classical style. It’s the result of the impact of French art with the Brazilian art during the end of 19th century. Specially exciting areas to visit would be the Historic Galleries, Mineralogy. As well the Structure of the arts (Art’s Palace) located in the Municipal Park of the capital (Belo Horizonte), with a modern exhibition places, movie theaters, craft and plastic art’s stores, and cinemas is worth a visit.

Church in Belo HorizonteIn the region adjoining to Belo Horizonte you can find parks of wonderful organic richness for example “Mangabeiras”. It has total area of about 2.350.000 meter squares, of which 0.9 million meter squares tend to be indigenous natural woodland. It is positioned at a distance of half a dozen kms from the town “Serra do Curral”. “Mangabeiras” provides an unbelievable view of the city of “Belo Horizonte”. Another highlight is the Mata do Jambeiro nature reserve. It extends more than 912 hectares by using crops usual for the particular “Atlantic Forest”, along together using vegetation usual for the actual Atlantic Forest. Inside it live many hundred bird species and also 10 various varieties of mammals.

The shop of craftsmen at “Mão de Minas” (A cooperative of craftsmen), from here anyone can buy the gorgeous as well as diversified mineiro craft. At Every Sunday early morning hours, inside the “Afonso Pena Avenue” that passes across town center, there is the Feira de Arte e Artesanato (Art & Craftwork Street Market), along together using practically three thousand tents for the display of Art & Craft works.


In the upcoming year of 2014, FIFA World Cup is coming to Brazil in the months of June & July 2014, so the “Belo Horizonte” will host many of the scheduled matches in its beautiful stadium called “Estadio Mineirao”, located near “Pampulha”. This stadium was constructed in 1965 and has a capacity of 66,805 seats. “Estadio Mineirao” will host a total of six matches of FIFA World Cup 2014, including 4 group matches, 1 round 16 match and a Semi-finals on 8th of July 2014.

While in 2016 Brazil will also host the Olympics and “Belo Horizonte” will also host some football matches of Olympics 2016 in its also the same Soccer Stadium “Estadio Mineirao”.

Belo Horizonte has a well-structured system of highways transportation, along with a pair of airports. From here the further visits to traditional towns in the state “Minas Gerais” are generally less complicated. Also “Belo Horizonte” has many hotels and restaurants with higher comfortableness along with top quality dining with different expertise.

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